Makhdoom Talib Madrasah

Madrasah was built on the order of scribe (Mirza) and close person Muhammad Khan of Khiva Rahimkhan II and his Vizier Islam Khoja Makhdoom Talib in 1910 on the territory adjacent to the north madrasah Islam Khoja.

"Makhdoom" (translated from Arabic means - the person who is served) is a pseudonym, which was given by peers (spiritual masters) and ustaz (teachers).

Kazi Kalyan Madrasah in Ichan Kala

Kazi Kalyan Madrasah was built in 1905 by the order of the chief judge (Qadi Kalyan) Salim Ahoon in Khiva.
​The dimensions of madrasah are small and do not differ from other contemporary madrasah. But at the time the principle of learning of the madrasa differed from other religious schools. Here, along with religion students studied law, applied science, rules and regulations relating to different taxes and fees, as well as legal knowledge.

Kutlug Murad complex

Depicting the events of the past Kutlug Murad complex was constructed by the order of Abulgazi Rahimhanom Mohammed in Khiva. It is a historical palace with a large dome that inactivated by Kutlug Murad khan in 1812.

Djuma Mosque & Minaret

Djuma Mosque of Khiva was one of the most remarkable buildings of this city during the middle ages. It was constructed in XVII century and now this monument is referring to the most ancient mosques of Khorezm.

Djuma Mosque takes quite a large area the size of 55x46 meters. It is located along the major streets connecting the eastern and western gates of Ichan -Kala.

Bikanzhan Bica Complex

This building of public worship comprises madrasah, mosques and minarets formed on the ancient site near the mausoleum of revered people Shokalandar, one part of the complex. According to the historical data mausoleum was built in the 16th century in Khiva.

Bazaar of old Khiva

Bazaar of old Khiva is the busiest place of the city, particularly crowded here on Sundays. Even in remote villages of the oasis, as in ancient times, people go to the market both venerable gray-bearded old men, and colorfully dressed women and young boys and girls.

Bagbanli Mosque/ Ichan Kala

This mosque is located in ancient city of Khiva in Ichan-Kala. It was constructed in 1809 and has its own legend. After all, every devout Muslim, believes his sacred duty to build a house and keep God's work. One such legendary mosques mosque is Bagbanli. Inscription in verse on a stone plate at the entrance reads that the mosque was built in 1809 (1224 Hijra).

Abd Al Bobo Complex

Abd Al Bobo Mausoleum is located in the eastern part of Dishan-Kala in Khiva and was built in the 18th century. The mausoleum was constructed in honor of Abd Al Bobo or Akhmad Palvon Zomchi. After the Arab invasion to Central Asia, Abd Al Bobo was one of the followers of Islam in Khiva.


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