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Zakhiriddin Mukhammad Babur - the great Uzbek poet and educator

Фото: Захириддин Мухаммад Бабур - великий узбекский поэт и просветитель / Узбекистан

Zakhiriddin Mukhammad Babur - the great Uzbek poet and educator

In 14 th of February around Uzbekistan celebrates the birthday of an excellent poet and educator, a talented military leader and a statesman Zakhiriddin Mukhammad Babur who made a significant contribution to the development of world science and art.

The poetry collection ‘Kabul divan’ and ‘Indian divan, furthermore, memoirs "Babur Nama" and his other works had a decisive influence on the formation of the Uzbek literary and artistic thoughts. The scientific work of Babur allows to create a comprehensive view of geography, ethnography, flora and fauna of Central Asia, Afghanistan, India  between the end of  XV and  the beginning of XVI century.

Zakhiriddin Babur was born in 1483 in Andijan, at the age of  12 he became the king of Fergana, in 1526 he founded the centralized state in India, which lasted more than three centuries. However, he managed only 5 years in his empire, but during this period he has held numerous progressive reforms: prospered Agra and Delhi, palaces erected on the banks of Yamuna river, cut taxes, upgraded the water supply system.


Among the scientific works of Babur is of particular importance "Treatise on aruz" - work devoted to the study of the foundations of philological poetry. The pinnacle of his work is rightly considered "Baburnama" – a piece of  work in which depicted historical events, outstanding personalities, natural scenery. In addition, it is a kind of encyclopedia, containing scientific information on many aspects of life of that era. Also in the "Baburname" text used tradition and other elements of folklore, are descriptions of traditions and rituals.

Uzbek people are proud of the masterpieces of the outstanding poet and a brilliant scientist Babur, which still is the link of cultural relations between the people of Central Asia, Afghanistan and India. In these countries, our ingenious countrymen subject of hundreds of scientific and literary works, movies. 

Script works of the poet are kept in museums of France, Britain, the United States and other countries. For example, in Iran discovered a unique copy of the work "Vakoyi-Boburi ", which includes "Mubayin" - a treatise on Islamic jurisprudence. The manuscript, accompanied by commentary and a Persian translation, served as an object of further research as an example of calligraphy and book art. The funds Salardzhang Museum in Hyderabad (India) found previously unknown manuscript lists of Babur’s Divan.

As a result of joint scientific and practical research of Uzbek and foreign scientists copies of the principal manuscripts of the works of our illustrious ancestors were delivered to Uzbekistan, so there were published "Paris my Bobur’s Divan", the album "Miniatures for" Baburname ", an award-winning international book fairs, "Treatise on aruz" and many others.

Independence gave us unlimited opportunities to explore deeper and fuller precious facets of creativity Zakhiriddin Mukhammad Babur, make it a heritage property of the international community.


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